Phase 6 Interactive Resources

For planning ideas for Phase 6 see Year 2 in Support for Spelling which has been archived.

Term 1 - 1st half To secure the reading and spelling of words containing different spellings for phonemes (ie Phase 5 revision)

Phase 5 Interactive Resources

Term 1 - 2nd half Understand and begin to learn the conventions for adding the suffix -ed for past tense and -ing for present tense

Tumbling Tumbleweeds Phase 6 phonics game practising adding ing
Ideas for Tumbling Tumbleweed
Past Tense Penguin Phase 6 phonics game practising adding ed
Ideas for Past Tense Penguin

Term 2 - 1st half To split compound words into their component parts and to use this knowledge to support spelling

Compound Word Splat game
Ideas for Compound Word Splat

Term 2 - 2nd half To learn how to add common inflections (suffixes) to words

Planetary Plurals Phase 6 phonics game
Ideas for Planetary Plurals
Pond Life Plurals Phase 6 phonics game
Ideas for Pond Life Plurals

Term 3 - 1st half To add common prefixes to root words and to understand how they change meaning

Magical matching prefixes game
Ideas for Magical Matching

Term 3 - 2nd half To discriminate syllables in multisyllabic words as an aid to spelling

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